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  Friday afternoon I exited work at 2:00 p.m. and made my day to southwest Arkansas and arrived at Albert Pike "Campground" at 4:00. After finding an elusive parking location the Little Missouri Trail was below me by 4:15. Northward I embarked with an open mind as to what this hike would consist of. The weather was great with a temp of 85 and not too much humidity. The goal for the evening was somewhere around Little Missouri Falls. If the mood hit me the next morning I would continue around the loop and finish Sunday. There had been a recent rain and many little tributaries were flowing and the creek had a nice little flow. Crossings were easily made. This trail was new to me and it was found to be well maintained and in quite a beautiful area. This section was pretty flat since it followed the river the entire way. There were a few small hills. 
  Little Missouri Falls was in view by 7:00. Many nice campsites were passed on the way but I continued on with an unsure goal. A snack and water refill was had at a picnic table at the falls while I pondered my options. I was aware that after 4 more miles along the creek the trail would shift south along the Athens-Big Fork Trail. This section of trail appears to cross at least six ridges before heading east along a creek bed bed again. My desire had waned so the decision was made to hike back the way I came and maybe camp along the trail. At one point a fellow hiker was lounging by a fire in the darkness as I passed by with headlamp aglow. I hollered "git outa my woods...ya bastard" and he said "huh?" as I continued on. 
  The woods were loud with tree frogs, cicadas and maybe some katydids thrown in. The moon was a sliver so it was quite dark by 10:00. There was also an abundance of lightning bugs. This was a beautiful night and I definitely should have stayed out there since the low was to be near 65 degrees. I was back to my vehicle by 11:00. Total round trip mileage was 13.5 miles. This is a great area that I have been around numerous times but just have not hiked much around here. I will be back for more.
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