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  I know there are a few Cave Creeks in Arkansas...but this particular version is in Newton County in the Ozark National Forest. It is the next major Buffalo River tributary to the northwest of Richland Creek. There appeared to be a nice long line of bluffs on the map so it had to be explored. Breakfast was at Denny's in Russellville once again at 3:30 a.m. and was quite tasty. Arrival was made at the start point at 5:00 and boots were on the ground by 5:20. Most of this section is actually along a short subsidiary of Cave Creek that originates just off Hwy 123 on the eastern side of the road. There is a dirt road that probably parallels the bluff line the entire way but I headed for the cliffs as soon as possible. 
  The woods behind the bluffs had the look of, maybe, some logging and most likely a controlled burn a while back. Sam's Throne is about 2 miles to the north on the western side of the highway. The morning was clear and 55 degrees and the trees in the valley had already lost their mixture of various hues of green. This bluff line is continuous for more than a mile and is one of the finest I have come across in Arkansas. The valley is clean and free of civilization until you get well around onto Cave Creek and then there are farms downstream to the north. There is evidence of rock climbing activity all along here with anchor points scattered to and fro.
  The bluffs eventually faded into the mountain and I made the mistake of going down into the valley as I had planned. The terrain was very steep and thick and by the time the creek was attained it turned out to be a disappointment...at the point I hit it anyway. It probably is cooler downstream as it grows. I made it to the other side of this valley and the climb out was worse than the scramble in. Making it back to the car was a challenge but by 10:45 I was there. The temp was near 70 by then. Total miles around five.

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