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  High in the sub-alpine territories of northeast Arkansas a stream is formed where two similar sized branches mingle together as one to create Big Creek. At this point the stream flows north through a beautiful pastoral landscape with fields and cows and such. Sam's throne looks down on this valley a ways downstream. This hike begins on Newton CR 6370 just off Hwy 7 at Cowell. I was in the woods and following a ridge by 5:40 a.m. with a sunrise due around 6:40. There was a layer of clouds even though clear skies were ordered. The sun barely showed itself most of the morning but it was a fine spring day starting around 50 degrees and rising to the upper 60's. 
  After reaching the end of the ridge I stumbled down to the valley floor and began the upstream hike on Cow Creek. This was a decent creek about like any other in the area. The characteristic that ruined it was the dreaded.....fallen timber. This creek had a high log to creek ratio. It's sad that the very trees that make the forest such wonderful place can just as easily make it the opposite. My hike was a pleasant one anyway...the early spring growth was abundant. The total miles came to 8 and I was back to my origin by 1:00.

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