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  This hike takes us to the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area's Boen Gulf. This is one of the best valleys within the wilderness. It runs very close in quality to the Whitaker Creek drainage area. We...my brother Kelly, his son Chase, and myself...headed into the forest at 0945 from the north off CR410 or Newton County 9060 (depending on which map you look at) near Mossville. We followed the northernmost tributary until it collided with the main fork and then headed upstream. Breakfast was had at South Park Restaurant in Clarksville prior to exiting civilization. The weather consisted of mostly cloudy skies to start with temps in the low 60's. The sun came out by 11:00 or so and the day warmed into the 70's. 
  The valley was steep with lots of scrambling and sliding and legs getting stuck in holes. There were a few nice little waterfalls along the way. Brush was moderate and overall it was not too rugged a hike. The weather was perfect in camp and the night remained clear with no moon. The low temp was 47. The trail out was welcome yet steep. I can tell it is getting more use each time I step upon it. At least there is no sign of the damnable horse people that i could see. Total distance hiked came in near 6 miles. Of note...while sitting around the fire a little field mouse visited my leg and did not seem to be too scared as it scampered off in no hurry. I can now say I have been down all branches of this valley...each is unique. I am now definitely a convert to hammock camping...as it is a quite versatile and comfy way to sleep. 

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