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  Not too long ago I hiked along the East Fork of the little Buffalo and found it to be in an interesting area. This week I followed a tributary of this creek and found it to be interesting as well. Stepp Creek  parallels its mother stream just over the ridge to the west about a mile and a half away. Recent rains promised this fairly small watershed would have some flowing water...and this was indeed true. 
  Saturday morning breakfast was had at the Denny's in Russellville around 3:30. By 5:15 I was walking down Union Grove Road (CR 8908) and after 3 miles the forest was jumped into and down into the valley I went. The creek was in sight before sunrise. There was a high waterfall where the hollow I followed down hit Stepp Creek but unfortunately this small creek was dry and therefore so was the waterfall. The creek was traced upstream and many small falls were encountered along the way. This is a scenic creek but as is usual...it was marred the clutter of dead trees all over. The temp was 28 going in but by noon a southerly breeze brought the temp into the upper 50's. By 3:00 my vehicle was in sight and 10.5 miles were behind me. The day turned out to be sunny with occasional clouds and this hike was enjoyed.

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